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Staple Fiber Baler Machine

What is staple fiber baler?

Staple fiber is one of the textile fibers. The staple fiber refers to fiber of discrete length and may be of any composition. Unlike the continuous fiber such as natural silk or synthetic which also named as filament fiber, the staple fiber is the kind of staple-cut fibers. Cotton and wool are natural fibers, while man-made fibers like polyester, nylon, viscose are composed by staple fiber. Fiber is a volume taking material and staple fiber itself is also very fluffy. So these characteristics make the staple fiber not very convenient for storage and transportation. The staple fiber baler provides the perfect solution for staple fiber.  It is the press machine available to bale the staple fiber into much dense bales. If we press the staple fiber before transportation, it can reduce 1-2 times the original space. Therefore it helps to save the shipping and handling cost.

Staple fiber balers in SINOBALER

In SINOBALER’s product range, there are several types of baling machines that are very suitable for baling staple fiber. Whatever vertical type staple fiber baling machine or horizontal type staple baling machine, you are always available for wide choices.

If you need to pack the staple fiber with plastic bags, you can go for the bagging baler and lifting chamber baler. If you do not have large quantity of staple fiber need to bale per day and you also do not need the plastic bag to wrap the bales. Only strap/steel tying is ok for you, then you can go for our vertical staple fiber balers. If you have large quantity of staple fiber need to handle, for example, the output you expect is several tons per hour. Then you can consider the automatic horizontal baler for more efficient feeding, baling and ejecting. However, If have special requirements about the staple fiber baling, SINOBALER can also tailor your needs and customize the machine for you.

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