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Stationary Waste Compactor

What is a stationary waste compactor? 

A stationary waste compactor is a piece of equipment that compresses loose wastes. The wastes in loose status take up lot of space. But by using a compactor machine, the volume of wastes can be greatly reduced. So it helps to create more space in your plant and facilitate logistics and storage. As the word “stationary” indicates, people usually fix such machine in one place after installation and doesn’t move around during its usage. So it is opposed to mobile waste compactor which is taken around on a tractor or other equipment for using on different locations.

The different types of stationary waste compactors

Many different types of stationary waste compactors are available from horizontal to vertical, and small to big. Also each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Vertical waste compactors are loaded from the front, are usually manually operated, and compress from the top down. They are best suitable for smaller manufacturers, retail stores, supermarkets, textile manufacturers, or anywhere else there are smaller quantities of waste materials.

Horizontal waste compactors are loaded from the top by conveyor belt or forklift. It allows for larger quantities and compress from the side. Also it is usually fully automatic. They are ideal for larger quantities of wastes.

To sum up, horizontal compactors are ideal choices for high throughput waste baling. They are either semi or fully automatic in operation thus requiring less manual operation. Whilst vertical compactors are ideal for lower throughput than the horizontal ones, they are more labor intensive due to its manual operation.

Buying stationary waste compactor from SINOBALER

SINOBALER provides various compactors for handling all sorts of waste materials. We cover the full range of vertical and horizontal compactors large or small and we can also customize machines to suit client’s specific requirements. If you are looking for a stationary waste compactor, contact us for the optimal size reduction solution for your needs.

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