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Stems Baler Machine / Flower Stems Baling Press Machine

Some farms has a requirement of baling tons of flower stems in each month. The purpose of stems baling is to extract water from flower stems and make the transportation easy. So stems baler or flower stems baling press machine is really a good machine to compress stems into dense bale and achieve the target from farms.


How to choose a right stems baler or flower stems baling press machine?

Before choosing a right stems baler, you should answer below questions correctly.

  1. You should tell baler manufacturer the material details. For example, are stems chopped or non-chopped? Are they dry or fresh? It is better if you can send some photos of your flower stems for better understanding.
  2. If you have any specific requirement about the bale size and bale weight, you need to tell baler manufacturer first because this is essential information to decide the right baler.
  3. The baling output also is the very important factor. Each baler has their maximum baling output. The higher output the higher price.
  4. If you have financial budget and cost and benefit calculation, you should calculate the maximum price you are willing to pay.


Stems baler or flower stems baling press machine

SINOBALER has many type of baler machines for stems. For example, if you have 30 tons of cut stems and flowers (shrink) need to handle per month, We recommend our Vertical Bagging Baler Model SVB2-WS-300. Of course, for bagging baler we also have horizontal type like Scale Weighing Horizontal Bagging Baler and Heavy Duty Horizontal Bagging Baler. Since this material has  high percentage of humidity (around 70%), we think vertical type stems baler is ideal. Which percentage of water can be extracted sometimes depends on the material itself. Some stems are very soft and the water can be extracted from it very easily. So the experience from baler manufacturer is quite important. The most suitable stems baler machine can achieve more savings to farm. Contact SINOBALER now! View shredders here.