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Stevia Processing and Stevia Stem Baler Machine

Stevia is a popular natural sweetener. It has very wide applications in food, beverage, medicine and cosmetic industry. When stevia is harvested, there are three main processes to be handled. They are drying, stevia leaves and stems separation, and baling and packaging. Wrong and bad processing will affect the stevia quality and preservation of steviol glycoside content in the leaves. Stevia stem baler or stevia leaves baler is an important baling machine in its baling and packaging process.


Main processes after stevia is harvested from farm

First, drying is very important for stevia because it can greatly reduce the chance of browning and loss of steviol glycoside content in stevia leaves. Also drying process can reduce 70-80% weight from initial fresh stevia. So it is much easier for storage and transportation. You can have several drying solutions. For example, sun drying, solar tunnel drying, modified flatbed grain dryer or industrial dryer.

Second, separation of stevia stems and stevia leaves can be available both before and after drying. Manual separation is only for small farms and larger farm normally prefer to use some industrial equipment.

Third, baling and bagging stevia leaves and stems in an HDPE bag or LDPE bag can be easy and efficient for transportation and storage. Stevia leaves baler or stevia stem baler is the right baling and packaging solution in this case. Both vertical stevia baler and horizontal stevia baler are optional.


Stevia stem baler or stevia leaves baler in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has both vertical and horizontal stevia balers for your different baling requirements. If your financial budget is not much, maybe vertical baler is better. But if you need a scale weighing function, scale weighing baling and bagging machine is the best choice. Of course, when you have a larger baling output, heavy duty baling and bagging machine is preferable. Just send us your baling needs. Our professional team will recommend the most suitable machine for your own request. View more size reduction machines.