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Sugarcane Trash Baler Machine

Sugarcane trash or cane trash has similar calorific value as bagasse but it has lower moisture content and dry quickly. It is an excellent biomass resource for the conversion of heat and electrical energy. So it is a good boiler fuel during the sugar-milling season and good resource for power generation at sugar mills. This makes sugarcane trash recycling valuable in both environmental and economical benefits. Sugarcane trash baler machine is an essential size reduction machine to help to save cost during transportation and storage.


Sugarcane trash size reduction machines in sugarcane trash recycling

Due to the high cost during the collection and transportation, sugarcane trash always is burned in the field. Burning of sugarcane trash creates much pollution and it is not an environmental friendly solution. How to reuse sugarcane trash for heat and power generation purpose? Sugarcane trash recycling is an ideal solution. But how to recycle sugarcane trash in a more cost effective and efficient way? There are some different solutions. One of the solution is to bale sugarcane trash for easy handling, transportation and storage. You can bale it during collection from the field. Or you can bale it after collection. Of course, you can also choose to shred sugarcane trash during the harvesting process. Sugarcane trash is a viable fuel supplementary to bagasse to allow year-round power generation in sugar mills.


Sugarcane trash baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has several type of sugarcane trash baler machines for your different options. Heavy duty baling and bagging machine is ideal for small or medium amount of sugarcane trash baling and bagging purpose. Manual-tie horizontal baler is a cost effective machine for medium scale baling option. If you want large size amount of cane trash baling, you need to choose our fully automatic horizontal baler. Just contact SINOBALER today to find out your ideal sugarcane trash baling machine.


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