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Sunflower Husk Baler / Sunflower Shell Baler

The process of producing sunflower kernels implies dehulling sunflower seeds and separating them from their husk or shell. Then you can collect the sunflower shell separately and produce sunflower pellets. Sunflower husk pellets are the by-product of sunflower oil extraction process. Sunflower oil factories always has big quantities of sunflower husk pellets. If you have a lot of sunflower shell and it takes too much space in your warehouse, sunflower husk baler or sunflower shell baler machine can help.


The value of sunflower husk or sunflower shell

Sunflower husk or shell has low content of protein. So the value of animal food is very low. Because the protein content cannot compete with other animal food products. But as a heat fuel, sunflower husk is successful. Power plants can use sunflower husk pellets as biofuel. South Russia and Ukraine produce bi amounts of sunflower husks. UK and Poland are the typical countries that use sunflower husk pellets as fuel.


Sunflower husk baler or sunflower shell baler function

When big amount of sunflower husk or shell are collected, it creates the space problem in warehouse. Or you should deliver the sunflower husk to other places. Sunflower husk baler machine or sunflower shell baler machine is always a good help in cost saving and space saving. Because this baling machine can compress sunflower husks into dense bales which greatly reduces the original size of materials.


Sunflower husk baler or sunflower shell baler in SINOBALER

Sometimes customer requests a baling solution for sunflower husks into square pressed bales. SINOBALER has several type of sunflower husk balers in our product range. After checking the material nature of sunflower husks, our baling and bagging machines are ideal options for baling sunflower husks. Vertical baling and bagging machine is the best option for small space facility. But if you need same bale weight, scale weighing baling and bagging baler is the best solution. Of course if you want a higher density and bigger bale, heavy duty baling and bagging machine is the right one to go. So contact us directly and let our professional team do the best recommendation for your own needs.


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