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Sunflowers Hulls Baling Machine

Sunflower hulls are the by-product of the dehulling of sunflower seeds before they are used for oil extraction or as bakery ingredients. Sunflower seeds contain about 20-30% hulls. But these hulls are often removed before oil extraction due to their deleterious effects on oil presses. This is because they will reduce the quality of both oil and meal. Actually sunflower hulls have some useful solutions. So how to transport them in a cost effective way? A sunflowers hulls baling machine can help.

What are sunflowers hulls used for?

Industrially, sunflowers hulls are often turned into fuel pellets and fiberboard. They are burned as fuel to power oil mills but only half of the hulls available can be used on-site for energy production. The remaining half has to be transported off-site, to provide energy or for other purposes, such as composting, bedding material, or as a low-quality roughage for poultry and ruminant animals like cows and sheep.

Why we need to bale sunflowers hulls?

Since sunflower hulls are light in weight and bulky, it is very costly and impractical to transport because of their low density. If they want to be delivered to sunflower oil mills, a sunflowers hulls baling machine is quite necessary for easy handling. Also such compressed bales are less expensive to transport.

Sunflowers hulls baling machines in SINOBALER

For such small and loose materials including sunflower hulls, both of our SHB1-SW and SHB1-WS series bagging balers work quite well. If you need the scale weighing function, SHB1-SW series machine is preferable. If your capacity is larger and you need a conveyor to feed the material into the baler, SHB1-WS series machine is preferable. Contact SINOBALER team to let us know your exact sunflowers hulls baling requirements. Inquiry now!

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