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Tetra Pak Baler in Tetra Pak Recycling

Tetra Pak is the popular packaging container you can find in supermarkets which are used to pack juice, beverage, milk, and other similar liquid food. This kind of packaging can isolate from the light and oxygen completely. It also protects the food inside the container from being contaminated by bacteria, so it is aseptic packaging. This assures the food can be stored on the shelf up to one year without refrigeration and preservatives. The Tetra Pak packaging is fully recyclable because it is mainly made of 6 layers of three types of materials which are paper, polyethylene, and aluminum foil. Paper takes up 75% proportion. Polyethylene is 20% and aluminum foil is 5%. The Tetra Pak can be recycled and reproduced into many various products which are quite popular in the market. For example, clothes rack, table tennis bats, garbage bin, envelope, desk, garden fence, small wooden bridge in park, industrial pallet, outdoor floor board, stationery, building materials, tissue and so on. Some recycling machines such as tetra pak baler is a good help in tetra pak recycling.

Tetra pak baler machines in SINOBALER

Tetra pak baler from Sinobaler will help you keep your waste problem in hand. Our baling machines provide a size-reduction solution for industrial enterprises to reduce the waste volume economically and effectively. Sinobaler baling machine can press the hollow empty Tepra Paks into dense, uniform and neat bales which greatly reduce the storage and transportation cost, and is much easier to handle during recycling process.

Sometimes, there will be a little liquid residue in the waste Tepra Paks, but no worry about this, Sinobaler Long Stroke Baler features liquid drainage channel which can drain the residual liquid out of the baler to keep your recycling area clean. This baler is also designed with specially long ram and can make sure each hollow article in the chamber be fully compressed. Based on your expected bale size and bale weight, Sinobaler can recommend you the most suitable baler model to fit you.

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