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Tetra Pak Cartons Baler Machine

What is tetra pak cartons? Tetra pak cartons or tetra pak packages are made up of 75% paperboard, 20% polyethylene and 5% aluminum. This three materials are layered together to protect the contents from heat, light, oxygen, air, dirt and moisture. Since tetra pak cartons are lightweight and easy to transport, they have an increasing demand in past years and also create large amount of scrap tetra pak cartons. Tetra pak cartons are primarily paper-based and they are 100 percent recyclable. So tetra pak cartons recycling is the best way both from economic benefits and environmental benefits. Hence tetra pak cartons baler as the most efficient carton baling machine plays important role in whole recycling.


How to recycle tetra pak cartons?

First, waste collectors and dealers collect the used tetra pak cartons. So it is important to educate collectors that tetra pak cartons are fully recyclable and have a good value.

Second, sort and separate tetra pak cartons from other cartons waste because tetra pak cartons are more valuable in natural resources. Compared to glass bottles, PET and HDPE container, metal cans and stand-up pouches, tetra pak carton has the lowest environmental impact from gas emissions.

Third, please make sure to send them to professional recyclers which are able to recycle these tetra pak cartons at its maximum. Through recycling, we can give used tetra pak cartons a new life.


Tetra pak cartons baler in tetra pak recycling

The tetra pak cartons are flattened and compacted by a tetra pak cartons baler machine. The compressed carton bales saves a lot in space during both storage and transportation. Once enough carton bales are collected and compressed, they can be delivered to recycling center.


Tetra pak cartons baler in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has many types and models of tetra pak cartons baler machines. From vertical to horizontal tetra pak cartons baling machine, from manual to fully automatic tetra pak cartons baling machine, we have complete line baling machines to suit different level tetra pak baling purpose. Contact us to find your tetra pak baling press machine from SINOBALER now.


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