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Textile Compactor

What is textile compactor?

Textile compactor is also popular as textile baler. It is a machine that uses to bale and pack the textile like new/used clothes, fibrous material, clothing scraps, carpet, etc. It is very versatile, not only in the recycle business and also in the textile company. No matter the new or used the textile, they both need the textile compactor to bale and pack for easy transportation and storage.


Textile compactor in recycling business

Textile recycling is the process by which old clothing and other textiles are recovered for reuse or material recovery. Used clothing collected from households is graded into a number of categories. After classification, we will use the textile compactor to press the used clothing into a tight and heavy bale and pack it with plastic bags. The used clothing which is in good condition will be loaded into container and exported to some places where the people there could not afford the new clothing. The textile compactor make the container fill in more used clothing and improves utilization rate. So the shipping cost will be also lower. The efficiency of the whole process will be remarkably improved.


The benefits of textile compactor

– Environment protection

Thanks to textile compactor. The used and old textile has a new value. And people can make profit from it. So people who own the old clothing will not throw it away in the field or river casually. They are willing to sell it to professional recycling plant. The environment can escape from pollution by waste textile.

– Help people in need

The packed used clothing usually goes to the countries which is lack of resources and backward. People there normally could not afford the new clothing and even has nothing to wear. The price of the used clothing usually is much cheaper than the new ones. It can help them a lot to solve the life necessities problems.


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