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Thermal Paper Baler Machine

Thermal paper also known as audit roll, is quite popular in thermal printers, especially in some lightweight devices such as cash registers, credit card terminals and other receipts. It is a special fine paper which is coated with a material formulated to change color when exposed to heat. Thermal paper is a good paper source for paper recycling. As such, you may need a thermal paper baler which is the ideal baling press machine for thermal paper baling.

Thermal paper recycling

Thermal paper is the most common type of receipt paper. It is slightly shiny and smooth, but it contains chemicals that allow printing via heat transfer, rather than with ink. So it has health concerns especially one of the chemicals is BPA which is a reproductive, developmental and systemic toxicant in animal studies. Due to the health risk from these chemicals especially BPA, it is necessary to remove BPA during the thermal paper recycling process. Then you can continue to recycle paper into paper pulp which can produce new recycled paper products. Thermal paper baling press machine is the good solution to save transportation cost and handling cost when materials needs to be moved.

Thermal paper baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has a complete line of balers for baling thermal paper. Whatever small size vertical baler or large size fully automatic horizontal baler, you can always find a suitable thermal paper baler to suit your capacity and bale requirements. For example, daily waste thermal paper output is about 500kg ~ 1000kg and the bale weight is around 50~80kg. We can recommend our 30Ton mill size baler because it is robust enough for rough handling thermal paper. Also this baler meets baling capacity of 500kg ~ 1000kg. So contact SINOBALER today to get a quotation about your ideal thermal paper baling machine.

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