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Thrift Store Baler Machine

A thrift store baler in thrift store

When you donate old or used things, your stuff will be quite likely in thrift stores and they will have their second life in new owners or new solutions. The typical donations are clothes. When the second hand clothes are collected in thrift stores, the experienced workers will sort them out to two main parts: one is for direct resell and the other is for new solutions such as carpet padding. A thrift store baler is the baling press machine that squashes the clothes into a cube for storage space saving and transportation cost saving. So baler is the necessary machine to recycle second hand clothes in thrift stores.

The features of thrift store balers

Balers in thrift stores feature with small footprint and low overall height. Normally they are easy to move and have compact design with easily understood pictograms. Generally speaking, they are vertical balers with small or medium compressing force for the baling of versatile materials such as cardboard and plastic They have small base area or a single-phase connection, so they are easy to locate. But they can compact your recyclables with up to 90%. So such balers are also popular in other small format retail stores such as bakeries, butchers, shoes stores, grocery stores, fast food chains, gas and service stations, auto repair shops, hotels and restaurants etc..

How to operate thrift store balers?

Thrift store balers are simple to operate. You can load your recyclables directly at the waste source and push start button. During the compressing time, you can walk away for other issues and come back to load more materials. When the baler is full, you can open the door and tie off the finished bale. Then you can remove the bale with a hand cart with the help of automatic bale ejection function.

SINOBALER thrift store balers

Various customers all over the world use SINOBAELR baling machines today. Our mini baler and mill size baler, lifting chamber balers are popular thrift store balers in the market. Contact SINOBALER today to create high density bales from an ideal thrift store baler. Recycle your waste with SINOBALER balers now.

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