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Timber Shavings Bagging Machine

Timber is also popular as lumber in North America countries. It is a type of wood that has been processed into planks and beams. Timber or lumber is a wood or firewood for structural purpose. Finished timber is usually in standard sizes for building houses and making furniture purpose. Both hardwoods and softwoods belong to timber. You can see many different type of timber in the market. For example, bamboo, birch, cedar, cherry, cross-laminated, glulam, green timber, lime, mahogany, oak, pine, plywood, sapele wood, tulipwood, walnut, wood ash, spruce and fir. Timber shavings is generated from the timber processing. It can be the material as bedding animal in agriculture. Since timber shavings is in a loose and tiny status, it is quite difficult to handle them without good packaging. Then timber shavings bagging machine comes to a good help in this case. This machine can compress the material into a rectangular bale and bag them into a bag.

SINOBALER timber shavings bagging machine

For baling loose and small articles, SINOBALER has three type of baling machines available in our baler product range. We have both vertical timber shavings bagging machine and horizontal timber shavings bagging machine for meeting different size installation space. Vertical bagging baler is especially suitable for space limited facilities with timber shavings baling purpose. Scale weighing baling and bagging machine is ideal for small size baling capacity but with same bale weight purpose. Heavy duty baling and bagging machine is quite popular in medium and large size of baling capacity. It also can work with material feeding system such as conveyor belt for more efficient feeding. Hopper design can be different with your own feeding method. All of these machines can press loose timber shavings into very dense bales and then bag them to a plastic bag for easy handling in storage and transportation.

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