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Timothy Hay Baler Machine

About Timothy hay

Timothy hay is a kind of grass hay instead of legumes. It requires very specific climate requirements to grow high quality Timothy. Then timothy will be baled by a timothy hay baler and used as animal feed.

Different from high protein animal feed alfalfa, timothy hay features low protein, high fiber and high energy content. This is very good for animal’s digestive health. So it can be regularly fed to satisfy appetite. Now many types of livestock around the world utilize timothy as part of their feed program. For example, cattle, horses, goats, camels, sheep and small animals like rabbits, chinchillas, degus and gerbils are all using timothy hay as their food.

Baling Timothy hay

Baling timothy hay has many benefits. The compressed bales can save storage space and transportation cost. If the timothy hay is in bagged bales, it can be sold directly without any package further. Maybe you will ask how much does a compressed bale of timothy hay weigh and how large is timothy hay bale. The answer for these questions are fixed. 10 lbs weight bale with dimension 24*12*16 inches and 50 lbs weight bale with dimension 14*6*14 inches are both popular. Also there are many much larger bales in the market. The important point is to save space and cost by loading timothy hay in truck or container as much as possible.

Timothy hay baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has many different balers which can handle timothy hay. Both strapping type baler and bagging type balers are suitable. Heavy duty bagging baler and fully automatic horizontal baler are typical hay balers. Many vertical balers and manual-tie horizontal balers are also popular. So it is quite important to send us your detailed baling requirements by answering below two questions before proposing a right machine:

1. Any idea about the approx. volume (tons) of your material that you expect the machine to handle per day or per week? 

2. Any requirements on bale size and bale weight?

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