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Tin Baler Machine / Tin Cans Baler / Tin Compactor

Tin or tin cans are common container to store different kind of goods like foods, beverages, oil and chemicals etc.. It can be either steel can or aluminum tin can. These tin cans are valuable materials and also they are recyclable. So tin recycling or tin cans recycling make great sense for both environment and economy. Tin baler machine and tin shredder or granulator are popular size reduction machine in whole tin recycling process.


What is tin baler machine or tin cans baler?

Tin baler or tin cans baler is a baling machine that used to compress tins or tin cans into dense bales for easy transportation and storage. This machine can greatly save your transportation cost and storage cost. Also it saves a lot natural resource and decreases the landfill.


Tin baler machine or tin cans baler in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has two typical baler machines suitable for baling tin or tin cans. Since tin or tin cans are containers and they are hollow metals, normal vertical baler cannot bale it in a dense status because the stroke is not long enough. Our long stroke baler is especially designed to suit this kind of hollow products. If you have steel tin cans, aluminum tin cans, food cans or juice cans baling requirements, if your baling output is not so high, this vertical long stroke baler is your ideal choice. We have some structure features especially suitable for these materials.

Of course, if your baling output requirement is high, we recommend our L type two-ram automatic horizontal baler. This is a versatile baling machine and can bale a lot of different materials. You can have conveyor system to help you for efficient materials feeding. Also you can choose either plastic strapping or steel wire strapping. So just contact SINOBALER for your own baling needs.