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Tire Baler For Sale / Second Hand Tyre Balers For Sale

Waste tires recycling is popular in the worldwide. It is dramatically increased the number of waste tires diverted from landfill disposal and sent to beneficial end uses. The whole tire recycling process needs a complete range of recycling machines like tire baler for sale and tire shredder.


Why we should recycle waste tires?

  1. – The automotive industry is in a very good developing status. The statistic says the number of cars sold worldwide in 2016 is over 77 million units. Also the estimate number of cars sold in 2017 will be over 78 million units. Then we can imagine this huge amount of new cars plus existing cars in the road can will create a huge amount of waste tires. If we do not recycle them and dispose them improperly, our environment will have great influence. So tire recycling can reduce the pollution and energy consumption.
  2. – Tire recycling can make many valuable materials like playground mulch, roadbed materials and running tracks.
  3. – Tire recycling covers many recycling machines like tire de-beader, tire shredder, screening system, rasper, over-belt magnet, granuator, zig-zag classifier, and big-bag station etc. The whole tire recycling system can create new production and new jobs. So it is beneficial to the economy.


Tire baler for sale in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has rich experience in manufacturing vertical tire baler for sale. When you have second hand tyres and need to recycle them, tire baler can help to solve the transportation problem by compressing tyres into dense bales. We have two models for vertical tire baler for sale. Model SVB2-TB-1000 is mainly for the scrap car tires baling, while model SVB2-TB-1500 is mainly for scrap truck tires baling. There are several key features especially for better baling waste tires purpose. SINOBALER tire baler for sale is patented and you can count on us. Contact our professional baler team to tailor your most suitable baler machine.