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Tire Compactor Machine

There are a great number of new scrap tires available around the world. Improper waste tire disposal creates many health risks and environmental risks. A proper and cost effective scrap tire recycling makes great sense. Of course, an efficient scrap tire recycling line has many recycling machines including size reduction machines like tire compactor and tire shredder.

Why you should recycle scrap tires?

There are many good solutions for recycled scrap tires. For example, ground crumb rubber, athletic playing surfaces an molded products are all products coming from the result of tire recycling. Also scrap tire is a good material used in civil engineering projects or burned as tire-derived fuel in high technology burning facilities. Some DIY solutions are very creative and interesting to give tires new purpose. So scrap tire recycling has more benefits than cost to both economy and environment.

Tire compactor machines in the scrap tire recycling

Tire compactor is a must have size reduction machine in whole tire recycling process. The compacted tire bales can save your 2/3 space and they are much easier for handling and movement. So you can have a cost reduction on scrap handling, hauling and disposal costs. Tire compactor in the market can be either vertical tire compacting machine or horizontal tire compacting machine. Vertical tire compacting machine is more popular due to its excellent baling result, lower purchasing cost and small footprint. Horizontal tire compacting machine is suitable for large amount of scrap tire baling and also it requires labor cost saving requirement.

SINOBALER tire compactors

SINOBALER has both vertical tire compactor and horizontal tire compactor for your different options. Our high rebound material vertical baler is the typical machine especially designed for baling scrap tires. Also it is patented. Our L-type two ram automatic baler is a good horizontal tire compactor option. We have rich experience in knowing exactly what our customer need. We always strike to exceed customer’s expectations. Contact SINOBAELR to find your best suitable machine now.

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