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Tire Wire Baler Machine

Steel wires from recycled waste tires

Besides the rubber, fiber and nylon, steel wires take up roughly 20% of waste tires. After the waste tire recycling process, the wires inside waste tires are reclaimed. Recycling facilities can clean the extracted steel wires and make them as free from contaminants as possible. The steel wires then go to smelters and get processed and reused in other ways. There are many recycling machines including but not limited to tire wire baler machine in whole waste tire recycling process. All of these machines help to make the waste tire recycling cost effective and efficient.

Why bale recycled tire wire with a tire wire baler machine?

Tire wires reclaimed from waste tires are mostly chopped up and small in size. So it is not easy to handle or transport. A tire wire baler machine can help compress the chopped tire wire into compact and regularly shaped bales. Then these bales greatly facilitate storage and reduce transportation costs.

Baler machine for tire wire

Unlike the regular balers used for baling common materials like cardboard, used clothes, tires, plastic bottles etc., hydraulic balers for tire wires are different. Because there is no tying or strapping of the finished bale for this kind of material. Actually the shredded tire wires were compressed under high pressure to form high density blocks.

Tire wire press machine from SINOBALER

As a specialized hydraulic baling machine supplier in China, SINOBALER offers a wide selection of different types and sizes hydraulic balers. If you are not sure which baler is best for you, please feel free to contact us. And one of our sales representative will be gladly discussing your own baling needs in detail and provides the optimal solution for you.

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