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TMR Feed Baler

Why we need a TMR feed baler and how to choose a right TMR feed baler?

TMR is the abbreviation of Total Mixed Ration which is the food for dairy cows. It is quite a mature feed technology that mixes coarse material, high concentrated food, mineral substance, vitamin, protein supplements and other feed additive together thoroughly, providing sufficient nutrition with stable ration to dairy cows. Thanks to its various advantages such as improving feeding efficiency, reducing waste of feed and improving the use ratio of feed by about 4%, significantly reducing digestive and metabolic disease, improving feed management of the dairy farm. The TMR feed technology has been widely used by many countries worldwide.

TMR feed baler machines in SINOBALER

TMR feed is loose material in very small pieces, thus handling and transporting this material becomes a headache. Sinobaler Baling and bagging baler well solves this problem. The bagging baler is designed particularly for compressing such kind of loose and fine materials into dense and rectangle uniform bales. The compressed bales will be directly ejected into a plastic bag which is pre-put at the bale exit chute.

Sinobaler has three series of bagging balers which are scale weighing horizontal bagging baler, heavy duty horizontal bagging baler and vertical bagging baler. Each series has different models to make different bale sizes. You can choose a suitable model among them based on your specific need on bale weight as well as concern on installation space. For example, if you are looking to make bales of 5 to 20 kg per bale, you can consider the scale weighing horizontal bagging baler; If you require to make bigger bales between 25 to 45 kg per bale, you have to choose one model among the heavy duty horizontal bagging baler series; If you have very limited space for installing the machine and also bale weight within 25-30kg is ok for you, you should go for the vertical bagging baler.

To find a right  TMR feed baler for your TMR baling need, just contact us and our sales team would be pleased to discuss with you in detail and work out an optimal solution.

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