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Top Load Baler Machine

What is top load baler?
This type of machine refers to the baling presses that you can do feeding from the top. Normally this kind of baler is horizontal baler. For vertical balers, the feed aperture normally is on the front face of the machine. Hence, feeding for vertical baler usually is from front side. We can use grappling machine to feed material into top load baler. We can also use conveyor to feed material into this type of baler. In some cases, it even adopts feeding through air ducts with a cyclone system.

What are the advantages of top load baler?
There are many advantages of top baling press. A most remarkable one is that feeding method can be varioius. You can do manual feeding and conveyor feeding. You can also do tipping bucket feeding and cyclone feeding. The buyers who choose a top load baler normally use automatci type of feeding. The above mentioned conveyor feeding, tipping feeding are all automaitic feeding. It can greatly increase efficientcy and save labor. Another critical advantage is that this type machine is not too high due to its horizontal design. Hence, it doesn’t have hight reuqiremnt on the height of factory.

Does SINOBALER supply top load baler?
Sure, Sinobaler does. And Sinobaler has wide range of this type of baler. Almost all horizontal balers in SINOBALER product range are top load balers. It includes manual-tie units and auto-tie units. According to different applications and specific requirements, you can always find an ideal baling press with top load feature in SINOBALER.

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