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Towel Bale Press Machine

What is towel bale press?

Towel is a kind of cleaning products in our daily life. Also square cotton textiles are normal status. Since its usage is to wipe the skin after wet wring, it can achieve the removal of stains and keep skin clean and cool. The main raw material of producing towels is pure cotton or yarn and a small amount of blended yarn or chemical fiber yarn is also involved sometimes. Towel has some applications such as face towel, pillow towel, and bath towel etc. These towels feature with soft feel, water absorption storage, wear-resistant, etc. But how to handle with large amount of scrap towels. Towel bale press machine is the baler which can compress a good amount of old or waste towels into required size bales. So it greatly reduces the packing size of towels and save much space for transportation and storage. As such, it brings much convenience to transport towels to recycling center or move towels to other places.

What are the categories of towel bale press?

Towel bale press can be either horizontal towel baler or vertical towel baler. SINOBALER has both horizontal type and vertical type of towels baling press machines in our product range.

One of the most popular horizontal towel bale press is also popular as scale weighing horizontal bagging baler. This towel baler is built with a scale. The scale design is to help to control the bale weight as per your industry needs or selling convenience. For example, If you would like to make the bale weight to 5 kg, you can load enough towels to the scale for weighing until you get 5 kg towels. Then you can move these towels from scale to the compressing chamber room for pressing. Finally you will get the required 5 kg towel bale at the exit. In order to keep tidy of towels, you can also choose to put a plastic bag at the end of bale exit to get a plastic bag packed bale.

For vertical towel bale press, we recommend lifting chamber design baler for towels baling. For example, if you are looking for bale weight like 40-500 kg, you can go for this vertical towel baler. This machine features with the lifting chamber design. Also it makes the tying and wrapping process very easy. What you need to do is to press the operation button and the chamber will be lifted automatically and then you can wrap and tie the bales.

So do not hesitate to contact SINOBALER if you have any towel baling press requirement.

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