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Trash Baler Machine

Trash can be waste or burden to both economy and environment. But if you know waste recycling, you can find ways to turn your trash into cash. Trash baler machine is a good help in your trash waste collection and transportation.


Waste collection and waste separation

Waste collection is the start of the waste management. Since there are so many different waste and sometimes they are always mixed together. So it is quite important to have a simple or junior separation in waste collection period. For example, in China most cities begin to implement trash classification management. You can see different color trash bins for collecting different kind of trash. The kitchen waste is especially separated from overall trash in the start of waste collection. Other useful or valuable trash also have their own way for right waste collection. For example, cardboard and aluminum are both valuable and recyclable material. People collect them and can earn money from the collection.


Trash baler machine in waste recycling

Trash balers have size reduction function in waste recycling. For recyclable materials like cardboard and paper, PET bottles and aluminum cans, trash baler can compress them into dense bales for transportation and storage cost savings. Also trash baler can make these waste materials transportation packing easy and efficient. For non-recyclable materials, trash baler just reduce the waste materials’ size and hence reduce the landfill space.


Trash baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has a complete line of different trash balers for your different material and baling output purpose. Trash baling machine is a good solution to help turn your trash into cash. It plays important role in waste collection and transportation period. Contact SINOBALER for your own trash handling solutions. Our trash baler is durable, safe and easy to operate. The high density bales can ensure you a high return on your investment. View shredders.