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Twin Rotatable Box Baler Machine

Investing a baler for recyclables can bring you significant economic benefit actually. But how to select the right baler? Single box baler and twin box baler are both available in the market. They have same working principle but the operation steps are different. Single box baler is the machine that runs feeding, compressing as well as baling in same chamber box. Only one operator is fine to work from the beginning to the end. Twin box baler normally is twin rotatable box baler. Because the two chamber boxes always exchange the position in turn.

When one chamber box is compressing, you do not need to wait. You can feed the materials in the other chamber box. Generally speaking, it is ideal to have two workers to operate the twin rotatable box baler because this way can achieve the best efficiency. Although single box baler is more cost effective, but twin rotatable box baler still have market due to its efficiency.

How to operate a twin rotatable box baler machine?

A twin rotatable box baler is popular in textile industry. The swivel twin chamber box design make the feeding and compressing working in the same time. There is a central pivot between two boxes and it connects two boxes. So you can load materials in one chamber and press and strap in the other chamber. After you finishes one bale, you can move the box full of material under the platen. Then you continue to press and strap this bale. Synchronously, you can load materials to the empty box again. This bi-task ability greatly promotes the efficiency.

Twin rotatable box balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER swivel twin lifting chamber baler is the most up-to-date design among SINOBALER textile baler range. By combining the both benefits from lifting chamber baler and twin box baler, it is very efficient, user-friendly and labor saving. Contact SINOBALER for your own ideal baling machine now.

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