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Two Ram Heavy Duty Baler Machine

Baler guide can be either single ram or two rams. Due to the design, two ram baler can process more tough materials and is able to handle higher volume baling applications than single ram baler. So in most cases, two ram baler can be considered as two ram heavy duty baler machines.

Benefits from two ram heavy duty baler

1. A wider range of baling applications

If you want to bale a wide range of materials which may be from paper to scrap metal, two ram heavy duty baler has the flexibility to accept all of these baling materials. Because it has larger hopper and corresponding compressing chamber which can accept more bulky and tough materials.

2. Create more precise bales

Two-ram design makes more precise bales than those from single-ram baler. That means you do not need to worry about the bale shape from two ram baler. Because two ram baler make bales that are always identical in size every time. So these bales can well fit the truck or container.

3. Conveyor is optional to achieve more efficient material feeding

Large hopper allows processer to choose conveyor belt for faster material feeding.

Two ram heavy duty baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has several type of two ram heavy duty balers in product line. Our vertical heavy duty dual-ram baler is the versatile baling machine which can bale from paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and containers, fiber and even light metals. Tyre baler is special two ram baler which is especially designed for waste tires baling. So there are several features especially suitable for baling waste tires. We also have two-ram vertical bagging baler for small and loose materials’ baling purpose. The two ram design can make bales denser and these bales are in better shape.

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