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In China, almost every family has their own car especially in Coastal provinces. Car tyres scraps are the tyres which is no longer for use because of wear or irreparable damage. Also there are other waste tyres from trucks, jeeps and bicycles etc. The problem is these tyre waste really occupy large volume and they are non-biodegradable. So tyre recycling is necessary and ideal solution for waste tyres. A typical scrap tire recycling line includes debeader, double shaft shredder, secondary shredder, magnet separator, granulator, fiber separator, conveyors and de-dusting system. Before waste tyre recycling, you should first send waste tyres to the facility that has these recycling equipments. This is what tyre balers do. Not all baler manufacturer can be tyre balers manufacturer. Because tyres are highly durable and highly rebounding material. Tyre baler should have some special features to suit its better baling result.

Tyre balers manufacturer – SINOBALER

SINOBALER has years of tyre balers manufacturing experience. Because tyre waste consume too much space in landfills and actually scrap tyres can be recycled to use as fuel or become ground rubber for better solutions. Now tyre recycling is more and more popular both from economic benefits and environmental benefits. SINOBALER has standard vertical tyre baler and optimized vertical tyre baler for different financial budget options. Both tyre balers are patented and have special features to suit especially for tyre baling. Tyre baler is a must-have equipment for scrap tyre dealers and tyre recycling facilities. We have two models SVB2-TB-1000 and SVB2-TB-1500. The model SVB2-TB-1000 is more suitable for car tyres baling, while model SVB2-TB-1500 is more suitable for truck tyres baling. The estimated tyre bale weight can be from 800kgs to 1700kgs.

If you have tyre baling need, just contact SINOBALER and our professional sales team will recommend the best suitable tyre baler for you.

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