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Urban Waste Recycling

Along with the increasing growth of population and GDP, the production and living garbage also increases rapidly. The large amount of urban waste generated becomes a big headache. Garbage disposal technology to solve the living garbage becomes a more and more important. To recycle these urban waste not only can save the space of landfill, but can also generate considerable value of economy. So urban waste recycling really makes sense.

What types does urban waste have?

Urban waste has many types. Organic waste (e.g. vegetable fruit, food etc.), cardboard, paper, cotton cloth, woolen cloth, wood, tree branches, leaves, aluminum and other metal cans, plastic, and glass,  are the most common wastes.

What is the recyclable urban waste?

Cardboard, paper, textile, plastic, wood, aluminum and other metal cans are all recyclable wastes.

How to recycle urban waste or the importance of urban waste recycling

For transportation convenience, balers and waste compactors are widely used for pressing the loose waste into into square and tight bale. SINOBALER multi-purpose urban waste baler is a good option in this case. Some recyclable materials can use shredders or granulators for size reduction purpose. Different urban waste should have different recycling methods. Many other recycling machines are available in market for each recycling process.

For waste material reuse purpose, different types of urban waste have its own recycling solution. You can get the answer from below links for some typical urban waste recycling:

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