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Used Cardboard Baler and New Cardboard Baler

The prices of corrugated paper and cardboard are on the top level in 2017 compared with previous years. This is the result of two main reasons. First, China prohibits the import of scrap paper. So it greatly reduces the number of raw materials. Hence the cost of raw materials increases a lot. Second, China enhances the air pollution control. Many paper mills did not launch the production due to the air pollution control. So the production is not as full as before. Both reasons push the domestic scrap paper price to a new high level. So domestic corrugated paper and cardboard recycling becomes hot and cardboard baler is in high demand. Choose an used cardboard baler or new cardboard baler? Find your own answer.


Choose an used cardboard baler or a new cardboard baler?

With the price increase of scrap corrugated paper and cardboard, cardboard baler as a size reduction machine in transportation period, is in great demand in 2017. New cardboard baler is the first choice for most recyclers. But some of them have to choose used cardboard baler instead. Because almost all the baler manufacturers are in full production and delivery time for new baler extends to two months later. So some used cardboard balers in good status are also popular in the market.

When you decide to purchase an used cardboard baler, you should be aware of some items. For example, used cardboard baler in China does not have any after sales service. Normally when the baler leaves factory, you should take care of all the following cost. Also some spare parts should be updated or framework can be strengthened. The transportation saving cost from used cardboard baler should be higher than the investment. Otherwise, it is not a good idea to purchase an used baler.


New cardboard baler machine in SINOBALER

SINOBALER offers many type of new cardboard balers for different baling requirements. From mini cardboard baler to large fully automatic horizontal cardboard baler, you can always find the right size and right output cardboard baling machine in SINOBALER. Contact us now! View cardboard shredders and granulators.