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Used Tire Baler Machine

When used tires end the life, it is a good idea to send them to tire recycling facilities. Otherwise, they occupy too much stockpile space and also have a threat to both human health and environment. An used tire baler machine is quite good solution to solve the size reduction and packing problem during tire transportation and storage.


What are the benefits from used tire recycling

Used tire recycling can enable to recover the rubber and utilize it in new consumer goods and other industrial solutions. So tire scrap recycling promote the circular economy and green world, create new jobs and save resources. Recycled rubber can have many new applications as below stated:

  1. – Tire derived fuel is a fuel in cement kilns and heating.
  2. – Crumb rubber has vast use in civil engineering applications and construction industry. For example, they can replace virgin rubber in products including playground mats, insulation blocks, rubberized flooring, drainage aggregate, and landscaping products etc.
  3. – Fine rubber powder can be used in thermoplastic elastomers for many applications and rubberized asphalt in road construction.
  4. – Tire pyrolysis fuel is a substitute for diesel, maritime fuel and heating oil. It is fuels for stationary and vehicular engines, maritime fuel and heating oil.
  5. – Used tire is also a high quality substitute for virgin carbon blacks.

So launching the scrap tire program and investing money in the development of tire recycling really quite make sense. Because it can stimulate economic growth in a sustainable way.


Used tire baler machines in tire recycling

Tire recycling is a capital intensive business to support tire processing technologies. High throughput capacities, high energy efficiency and low maintenance cost are the concerns on these recycling machinery. Used tire baler machine is a baling press machine to compress a large number of tires into a dense bale for easy handling in transportation and storage.

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