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Versatile Baler Machine

We always received inquiries for a versatile baler which is able to compress different kind of materials. Such versatile baler is quite cost effective because you do not need to purchase another baler for different materials. Except some particular materials like tires and drums, actually most of our balers are versatile balers which can compress more than one material.

Typical versatile baler introduction

As a professional baler manufacturer, SINOBALER has different baling solutions for different cases. Below are some examples:

Case 1: customer is looking to buy a heavy duty but cost effective vertical baler machine able to compress plastic bottles, cardboard and drum(Metal oil drum-55 gallon)

Solution: We propose our Mill Size Baler Model SVBS2-500 Option A (including a movable platform). This machine has 50-ton high compressing force and can compress cardboard and plastic bottles directly. For 55-gallon oil drums baling, we add a movable platform in the compression chamber to help cylinder to shorten its stroke for ideal drum compressing. So this solution combine mill size baler and drum crusher in one baler and it is very cost effective. If bigger capacity of cardboard or plastic bottles is required, then our heavy duty dual ram baler is the right way to go.

Case 2: customer is looking to buy a large automatic baler for baling hollow plastic containers and plastic films.

SINOBALER has two type of large automatic horizontal balers for options. For baling hollow plastic containers and plastic films, both of them are workable. But L-type two ram automatic baler is less cost effective compared to single ram automatic baler. Both of them have some models for different capacity purpose. You can select the matched capacity level model for your needs.

So if you have any versatile applications baling project, just contact SINOBALER to find your best suitable baler machine.

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