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Vertical Baler Price

Vertical balers aim to compress all kinds of materials into dense bales. So you can expect a storage space saving and transportation cost saving from the using of vertical balers. This machine also helps waste recycling in a more cost effective and efficient way. We often received inquiries from potential customers for different kind of vertical baler price. How to choose a most suitable vertical baler with the most cost effective price? SINOBALER shares some tips for you.


The factors affect the vertical baler price

For same material baling, there are several different structure vertical balers for options. Different structure machine has different vertical baler price.For example, if you want to bale used clothes, you can choose both common lifting chamber baler and swivel twin lifting chamber baler. Each machine has its own advantages and disadvantages. Common lifting chamber baler has simple structure and its purchase price is much lower than that of swivel twin lifting chamber. But swivel twin lifting chamber baler is much more efficient because you can use compressing time to feed the material in another chamber box. It can achieve baling and feeding at the same time. Which baler machine is more suitable for you? You need to have a cost and benefit calculation. Normally higher human cost region customers will choose swivel twin lifting chamber baler, while the rest customer will prefer the common lifting chamber baler.

For some small space locations, wood shaving baler can choose vertical baling and bagging machine instead of horizontal baling and bagging machine.

For same material baling, higher output requirement will need a higher throughput capacity baler. Hence the purchase price of the baler will be higher. So it is quite important that you understand your ideal baling output well.

For same material baling, bale size is also an important factor to decide a machine price. Big bale size requires big compressing chamber. So the machine will be big too. If your baling output is small, it is not a cost effective choice. In this case, you should seek solution if you can reduce the bale size.


Vertical baler machine in SINOBALER

Of course, there are many other reasons to affect the purchase price of the baler. For example, the main part brands you want to have in your baler, the voltage is standard or special, different freight quotes in different seasons, is it a bulk production baler or a customized baler? All of these are also important price factors for a single vertical baler purchase. SINOBALER has many kind of vertical balers for your different materials baling purpose. So just contact SINOBALER now and let our professional team help you to find the most suitable vertical baler. More size reduction machine quotations.