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Vertical Balers For Sale

Vertical balers are welcome for many businesses due to its low price and small footprint. These size reduction machines can decrease the labor time and manpower necessary to dispose the scrap waste or save transportation cost. There are many different kind of vertical balers for sale in both domestic and international market. So you should know more about vertical balers before baler purchase.


Why you choose vertical balers instead of horizontal balers?

Vertical balers have many own advantages over horizontal balers. If you are close to below requirements, vertical balers are your right choices.

  1. – Vertical baler only requires limited space for installation. So if you do not have much space for horizontal baler, vertical baler is the right choice. Vertical balers for sale have a smaller footprint and take up less floor space. Of course, you should also consider doorway openings and ceiling height. In this case, vertical balers work perfectly for many small facilities. Also many ships need mini vertical baler for each ship. It is popular as marine baler.
  2. – In most cases, vertical baler has preferable price over horizontal baler. So if you only start recycling business or requires small baling purpose, vertical baler is the right investment since it is cheaper in price.
  3. – Vertical balers can handle very wide range of waste materials including textiles waste, tires, plastic bottles, cardboard and paper waste, wood shavings, sawdust, cotton, fiber, drums and aluminum scrap etc. For some materials like tires, metal drums, cotton and textiles, vertical baler is capable but horizontal baler is very difficult.


Vertical balers for sale in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has a complete range of different vertical balers for sale. Mini balers, mill size balers, long stroke balers, heavy duty two-ram balers, vertical baling and bagging balers, tire balers, lifting chamber balers, swivel twin ram lifting chamber balers, drum crushers, and four opening balers are all vertical balers in our product range. Contact SINOBALER for your unique vertical baler now.


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