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Vertical Balers

Vertical balers are one of the most popular baling machines in the waste recycling world. Vertical baling machines are the most affordable baler. They are ideal for baling so many different kind of materials. So you can found them in all kinds of industries.


Most popular vertical balers in the market

Vertical cardboard baler is one of the most popular vertical balers in the worldwide. If you have very small cardboard baling needs, mini cardboard baler is ideal. If your bale weight for OCC is more than 100kg, mill size cardboard baler is a good choice. In case you have even higher cardboard baling needs, more heavy duty cardboard baler is your option.

Vertical textile baler or used clothes baler is also popular. Common lifting chamber baler is especially available for used clothes or rags baling purpose. Cross strapping and bale wrapping are both available for this machine. So you can make sure your material is clean after baling and the bale is also tight. Swivel twin lifting chamber baler can achieve the baling and feeding at the same time. So operators do not need to wait when the compressing chamber goes down. This is more efficient.

Vertical PET bottle baler also has a good sale in the market. Due to the PET bottle hollow nature, long stroke baler is especially suitable for such material’s baling. Because long stroke can make sure full compaction of every hollow article in the bale.

Vertical tire baler or tyre baler is a heavy duty type vertical baling press machine. Since tire is a high rebounding material, vertical tire baler also has some special adjustments to better suit tire baling purpose. For example, tire baler has two split plates with movable link to protect plates from being distorted under the situation of uneven material loading.


Vertical balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has a complete line of vertical balers in a variety of bale sizes and materials to suit your unique recycling needs. You can have vertical cardboard balers, vertical plastic bottle balers, vertical textile balers, vertical plastic film balers, vertical tire balers, vertical aluminum can balers and other vertical non-ferrous metal balers. These vertical balers are suitable for vessels, retail stores, supermarkets, distribution centers, hotels, schools, paper mills and other recycling units. Contact SINOBALER for your own vertical balers. View shredders.