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Vertical Cardboard Baler Machine

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, vertical cardboard baler plays a more significant role during the cardboard waste recycling. Because paper mills use the cardboard waste to manufacture new products. Domestic vertical waste cardboard balers have constantly innovation to improve the baler performance.


Main features of vertical cardboard baler machine

Vertical cardboard baler is a mechanical, hydraulic and electrical integration product. The whole process includes compressing material, returning stroke and exiting bale etc. This kind of vertical baler has hydraulic cylinder, motor, oil tank, compressing plate, chamber box, bottom base as well as doors etc. It can reduce waste space and save up to 80% of the stacking space. So it can greatly reduce the transportation cost and storage cost. Also it facilitates environmental protection and waste recovery due to below features:

  1. It uses hydraulic pressure to compact materials. So higher compressing pressure creates more dense bales. Waste compaction ratio can be up to 5:1.
  2. vertical cardboard baler is suitable for manual feeding and manual button operation. So it is very easy in operation.
  3. Baling process only reduces materials size. So it can completely maintain the physical properties of materials.
  4. Chain bale ejector is for easy and efficient bale ejecting. Sliding door is for convenient opening and closing.
  5. This baler is reliable and easy to operate. It requires very low maintenance cost.


Choose a right vertical cardboard baler machine in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has several type of vertical cardboard balers for options. Mini baler, mill size baler as well as heavy duty dual ram baler are all ideal for baling cardboard waste. We have about 18 standard models for your different baling output choice. Higher compressing pressure has higher output. Good cylinder performance and hydraulic oil quality make sure the stable work. So just send us your own cardboard baling requirements today. Our professional team will tailor your need and recommend the most suitable baler for you with 24 working hours.


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