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Vertical Cardboard Compactor Machine

Vertical cardboard compactor is a compacting machine that can vertically compress cardboard waste into dense bales for easy handling in transportation and storage. Vertical cardboard compactor uses vertical compressing force, while horizontal cardboard compactor uses horizontal compressing force. Most of vertical type cardboard compactors are in manual. But it has much less investment cost, small footprint and easy operation. So it is still very popular in the market for all kinds of waste materials.

Vertical cardboard compactor introduction

The vertical cardboard compacting machine features with a hydraulic cylinder force and compressing plate to press the material into a square form. The square shape of the bales can make them more suitable for stacking in a truck, container or warehouse. Also you may need to use plastic strap to tie the bale to make sure bale is in a good shape. For some materials like used clothes, you may also need to wrap the bale with a bag. Either single ram vertical cardboard compacting machine or two-ram vertical cardboard compacting machine is available in the market. You can tailor your own bale size and bale weight and baler manufacturer will design the right machine for you. Since vertical cardboard compacting machine is a vertical down stroke baler, the height of the machine will be higher than same compressing force horizontal baler. So you should make sure your facility height can meet the vertical cardboard baler installation.

Vertical cardboard compactors in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has a wide range of compactors for different materials and different facilities. Bale height is adjustable for achieving various bale sizes. Mini baler, mill size baler and heavy duty two ram baler are all ideal to compress cardboard waste. Chain bale ejector can help to eject the bale easier with the lifting up of the chain. Electric controlled is for easy operation because you can simply operate the buttons and switches to fulfill platen moving and bale ejecting. Safety, quality and good performance are always what we want our baler is. Contact SINOBALER today to tailor your machine to best fit your own baling requirement.

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