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Vertical Channel Baler Machine

Vertical channel baler machines are those compressing machines with vertical direction of press stroke. After you place the materials into the feed opening inside the machine, a compressing plate will use the hydraulic pressure to push the material downwards. You continuously throw the material until the accumulated material is enough for a tight bundle or bale. So this can make the bale as compact and tight as possible. Manually bale tying can be by wire or plastic strapping. Different bale sizes and bale weights depend on the size of baler compressing chamber size and recyclable materials.

Why you need a vertical channel baler?

A vertical channel baling press machine can enable to sort out the waste materials directly at the source stage. The final bales are easy to handle because they take up little space and shape in desired bale size. All of these can make transportation and storage easy and cost saving. Also waste disposal become more convenient.

What kind of materials that vertical channel baler can compress?

There are so many different waste streams available for baling by a vertical channel baling machine. For example, paper and cardboard, soft plastic packaging, PET bottles and other plastic containers, aluminum foils and cans, textile such as used clothes, cotton and wool, drums and barrels, fiber and even some small and loose materials like wood shavings.

Vertical channel balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER offers a wide range of baling machines to best suit your individual requirements regarding different waste type, output, bale size and ease of use. Mini baler, mill size baler, heavy duty dual ram baler, long stroke baler, tire baler, drum crusher, automatic drum crusher system, single lifting chamber baler, swivel twin lifting chamber baler, and vertical baling and bagging machines are all available in our product line. So just contact our professional team to help you with the best baling solution.

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