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Vertical Double Cylinder Baler Machine

Balers can be in vertical or horizontal type. Each baler can equip with single cylinder, double cylinders or more cylinders for different compressing purpose. Here we just introduce vertical double cylinder baler below.

What is a vertical double cylinder baler?

Vertical double cylinder baler is a heavy duty dual ram baler in vertical type. Contribute to double cylinder design, it has a high compressing pressure which can greatly reduce the volume of materials. This kind of baler is built with high strength. So it has a very wide range of applications.  Because it can not only handle normal soft materials, but also handle recyclable wastes of high fibrous, high rebounding force, or high hardness.

The wide applications of vertical double cylinder baler

This kind of baler is a versatile baling press machine. It can handle many different kind of materials including but not limited to cardboard, palm fiber, coconut fiber, synthetic fiber, plastic tubes, aluminum sheets or profiles, vehicle bumpers and car/truck tires etc. For common waste materials such as cardboard and plastic bottles, this baler can make much higher density bales to save more on storage space and transportation cost.

Vertical double cylinder balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has two type of vertical double cylinder balers. Heavy duty dual-ram baler and Tyre baler are both available for options. Our heavy duty dual-ram baler has a compressing force ranging from 80 tons to 200 tons. It is a good solution for handling normal soft materials when there is a demand of high bale density to optimize container loading. Also it is an ideal option to compress high hardness materials. Tyre baler is especially designed for baling car tires and truck tires. So it is a must-have recycling equipment for scrap tyre dealers and tire recycling facilities. You can have two models with both standard configuration and optimized configuration for options. So just contact SINOBALER today to find your most suitable vertical double cylinder baling machine.

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