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Vertical Down Packing Baler Machine

Vertical down packing baler machine is the most common style of balers in use. Because it has versatile baling applications and has relative low purchasing cost. This kind of vertical down stroke baler is able to produce different bale sizes and bale weights. So you can tailor the compressing chamber size per your own requirement.

Vertical down packing baler machines in the market

From mini vertical baler to heavy duty vertical baler, you should choose the right size and right design baler machine for your baling case. When you do not have large amount of baling materials, you can always find a right machine from the list of vertical down packing balers.

Vertical balers have very wide range of baling applications. For example, cardboard, paper, used clothes, rags, plant fibers, tires, aluminum foils, plastic containers, plastic film and metal drums are all available for compacting. Even some small and loose materials like wood shavings or sawdust are fine to bale. Most vertical balers are versatile balers because they can compress many different kind of materials in one machine. Some vertical balers like tire balers have specific designs which are particularly suitable for some material’s best baling purpose. Some vertical balers have specific designs to suit some industry’s baling requirement. So knowing better about your baling requirement is quite important to select the most suitable baler in your case.

Vertical down packing balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has a complete line of vertical down packing baler machines in standard product line. Heavy duty vertical down packing balers have high compression force and can bale aluminum foils, tires and plant fibers. Mini balers have very small footprint and low height. So they are perfect solutions for the waste management in vessels. Lifting chamber balers can lift the compressing chamber and allow to bag used clothes bale into a bag. Different designs suit different material’s baling and different industries requirements. Contact SINOBALER now to tailor your own vertical balers. View more size reduction machines.