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Vertical Downstroke Baler Machine

Loose materials like hollow plastic bottles are lightweight but they really occupy too much space. So it increases the cost to transport and store these materials. Recycling is definitely ideal solution for the waste materials. But cost and benefit analysis is always a consideration. For internal waste management, most people choose to invest a vertical downstroke baler machine to solve storage space problem.


Things to think about before purchasing a vertical downstroke baler machine

Baler is actually an investment. So you should identify your specific baling requirements better and find a baler to fit your current location. For example:

  1. – Check if you have enough space to install a vertical downstroke baler. In case your footprint area is quite small, you should choose smaller model downstroke baler.
  2. – Check which material you want to bale. If your baling materials are versatile, you can choose versatile downstroke baler. If your baling material is only cardboard or plastic bottles, it is better to choose the ideal cardboard downstroke baler or plastic bottle downstroke baler. Because there are some features to especially suit these materials. For example, long stroke design is ideal to compress hollow PET bottles for complete pressing purpose.
  3. – Check your baling output level. If your baling output is not much, vertical downstroke baler is enough and it is a small investment. So you do not need to purchase large fully automatic baler. That is why understanding your baling requirement is so important even you know what is your baling material.
  4. – Check your ideal bale size and bale weight. It is better to calculate your ideal bale size and bale weight. This is very important to save your transportation cost and storage cost. If you only want to save transportation cost, you should choose the maximum truck loading capacity or container loading capacity.


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