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Vertical Cardboard Baler and Horizontal Cardboard Baler

A baler (also known as baling machine) is a piece of equipment which is used to compress loose recyclable materials into regular shaped and dense bales facilitating storage and logistics handling. There are two basic types of baler machines available which are vertical baling machine and horizontal baling machine. The fundamental difference between these two types of balers is how the recyclable material is compressed. For cardboard baling, both vertical cardboard baler and horizontal cardboard baler are good baling solutions.

Vertical balers are also referred to as down stroke balers. They are front loaded and compress materials vertically from top to down. Such vertical baling machines are manually operated (i.e. manual feeding of material into baler and manual strapping of bale)

On the other hand, horizontal balers are loaded from the top, and are usually fed by conveyor, cyclone or forklift, which allows for larger quantities and continuous feeding. Such horizontal baling machines compress scrap materials from the side (horizontally).

As one of the most recycled materials in the world, waste cardboard is most often baled. How to choose a suitable baler for your OCC (old corrugated cardboard) baling?

Tips for choosing a suitable vertical cardboard baler or horizontal cardboard baler

1. Capacity:
If your expected hourly baling capacity is below 1 ton, vertical baler should be the right choice for you. However if your expectation is above 1 ton, you can either consider acquiring more than one units of vertical baler or simply switch to a horizontal baler.

2. Price:
Generally speaking, vertical balers are cheaper than horizontal balers. If you have a tight budget, or at the start-up stage of a new recycling business, it is a better choice to go with vertical balers as they are more affordable.

3. Space Limitation
Vertical balers takes up much less footprint than horizontal balers, so if you have limited space in your facility, vertical baling machine would be the right choice for you.

4. Labor Cost
If labor cost is not an issue in your country, you may consider more on vertical baler or manual-tie horizontal baler, as long as your daily output is below 20 tons. However for regions with high labor cost, a fully automatic baler is definitely a better choice if you are handling large amount of OCC (15 tons and above) daily.

SINOBALER has both vertical cardboard baler machines and horizontal cardboard baler machines for your different output and budget purpose. Contact us now for more professional cardboard baling solutions.

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