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Vertical Plastic Bottle Baler and Horizontal Plastic Bottle Baler

Plastic bottle is almost everywhere in our daily life. Water, soft drinks, milk, cooking oil, medicine, shampoo, motor oil, ink etc. are normally packed with plastic bottles or containers with various sizes. There are many different types of plastic material made into plastic bottle depending upon application, such as HDPE, LDPE, PET, PVC, PP etc. Almost all the post-consumer plastic bottles can be recycled and due to its nature of being hollow inside, after collection, they are usually compressed into bales firstly before being transported to specialized recycling facilities for further recycling processes. Both vertical plastic bottle baler and horizontal plastic bottle baler can be available for baling plastic bottles.

How to select the right plastic bottle baler for your specific needs?

Firstly check how many plastic bottles need to be baled per day or per week. In other words, what’s your required baling capacity?
Horizontal plastic bottle balers generally have higher baling capacity than vertical plastic bottle balers. Because they are much bigger in chamber size with top loading hopper. If you need to bale a large quantity of post-consumer bottles, it is definitely better to choose a horizontal plastic bottle baler. Both horizontal automatic plastic bottle balers and horizontal manual-tie balers are ideal options. On the other hand, if you are just a small recycling business, you can consider a vertical plastic bottle baling machine to start with, as it is more affordable and surely you can later change to larger horizontal plastic bottle balers along with the development of your business.

Secondly check if you have any specific requirement for bale size and bale weight. Some recyclers export plastic bottles in bales, which makes it important that the bales need to have the right size and weight for achieving the optimal container loading. We have various standard sizes available with different compressing forces for customers’ choices. And we can also customize specially based on your required size if you prefer.

Thirdly check if there is sufficient space in workshop. No matter how good the baling machine is, it will not work if you are unable to install the machine on-site. Vertical balers take up much less footprint than horizontal balers. Besides considering footprint area of baling machine, you should also check the ceiling height of your workshop.

Plastic bottle baler in SINOBALER

SINOBALER manufactures a wide variety of different types of balers with various sizes. We have both vertical plastic bottle balers and horizontal plastic bottle balers in our product range.  If you have any questions or difficulties in selecting a right plastic bottle baling machines, please feel free to contact SINOBALER for help. Our professional sales team and engineering term are always ready to assist. You can also refer to our website for details of Sinobaler product range.

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