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Vertical Waste Compactor and Horizontal Waste Compactor

Technology and science have been advanced to a greater level. Therefore, It is the need for machinery in any industries including the waste management. Grinders, balers and lot more machines have been introduced and used up to date. Vertical waste compactor and horizontal waste compactor have a unique and important place among all the others. However, what are they? How to identify one?


Difference between vertical waste compactor and horizontal waste compactor:

An experienced person will be able to tell the difference and type of the machine in a second. For the newbies, they have to know what is what.


Vertical waste compactor:

As the name suggest, these compactors work in the vertical direction. They will compress and process the waste material vertically. Usually cardboards, pet bottles, textile waste are processed and sized using this vertical waste compactor. It is an ideal baling solution for small and medium scale recycling needs.


Advantages of vertical waste compactor:

However, both the vertical waste compactor and horizontal waste compactor are used widely. There are certain advantages a vertical waste compactor has over the other such as,

  • – Occupy less area than the horizontal one and gives a lot of free space to work.
  • – They are less expensive than the horizontal one. Yes, they may cost one-third of the horizontal waste compactor.
  • – They have the capacity to reduce anything and everything. From a waste paper to that of the metals, the vertical waste compactor gives a good output.
  • – Easy to operate and less maintenance.

Apart from these, there are also power consumption and various other requirements, which make them more desirable.


Disadvantages of vertical waste compactor:

There are also some disadvantages with this machine such as,

  • – For such vertical baler, the output is less than automatic baler and manual work is necessary.
  • – Another problem is the height. Though they are designed to compensate the width, they are a lot of height than a normal machine.


Horizontal waste compactor:

When comparing a vertical waste compactor and horizontal waste compactor, their way of working is very different from one another. In the horizontal waste compactor, the waste will be fed into the hopper and the ram on the side will compress and crush them. They are then wired and send out for transporting.


Advantages of horizontal waste compactor:

The advantages of the horizontal waste compactor include,

  • – The output can be much higher than that of a vertical waste compactor.
  • – It can have much bigger bales which is much denser and weighted.
  • – For large scale recycling, fully automatic compactor is ideal which is normally in horizontal type.
  • – They can be used widely for the metal waste reduction and recycling and in some cases of non-elastic material.


Disadvantages of horizontal waste compactor:

Their major disadvantages are,

  • – It is the size and as they require a lot of space to set them.
  • – The cost of the horizontal waste compactor can be more expensive than that of a vertical waste compactor.



So before buying a baling machine, you should know about them. The buyers should see both the vertical waste compactor and horizontal waste compactor in personal to grasp the concept and decide which one will suit for their work. That way it will be much easier and less time consuming for both the buyer and seller since they can discuss the details face to face.


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