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Vessel Garbage Compactor – Reduce Marine Waste

Introduction – Vessel garbage compactor:

Some mini waste compactor is manufactured especially suited for use within marine environments. i.e. vessels. We always called them vessel garbage compactor, marine baler or marine garbage compactor.


A good vessel garbage compactor

Vessel garbage compactor can be fixed on the ship in order to meet wastes disposal of logistics and offshore installations. This marine garbage compactor is specially ideal to compact plastic bottles, aluminum cans, cardboard, textile waste, plastic films as well as other similar wastes. A good vessel garbage compactor structure should be suit for small space on the ship. It can be identified by the parts and accessories used in them. They mainly include,

  • – Thrust beam.
  • – Floor plate.
  • – Ram guide system.
  • – Cylinder used in them.
  • – Pumps and
  • – Electrical accessories.

All these accessories combine to give a good and best machine. They help in supporting the machine efficiency and productivity. Also a good vessel garbage compactor is encouraged to support and participate in reducing waste and being environmentally conscientious.


Thrust beam:

Then comes the thrust beam in the list of potential support. The strength of this beam determines the wear and tear of the vessel garbage compactor. They have to be much stronger and better than any other accessories. Though the help in attaching the cylinders, they should also withstand about a third of the force unleashed by the machine.


Floor plate:

Just like the breaker bar the floor plate helps in supporting not only the machine but also the whole process. The floor plate of the vessel garbage compactor must be made of strongest steel and should not wavy in nature.  The stronger the floor plate the longer the life of the machine.


Ram guide system:

As the name suggest, this system helps the ram during the process to maintain the movements up and down and vice versa. This ram guide system comprises of a number of wear blocks and rams holding down bars. These play an important part in the wear and tear of the vessel garbage compactor. They are the force behind the scenes.



When mentioning a vessel garbage compactor the first and foremost thing that will be noted is the cylinders in them. How many are there? What are the made up of? How strong is the metal made of?  Well, they will be answered based on the model and advanced technology used in it.



The pumps used in the machine are mainly for the oiling purpose. A minute thing which can cause the major change to the machine. So when it comes to them first thing is the internal operation design which will determine the sound effect of the machine.


Electrical accessories:

The accessories used in the machine should be checked for safety and quality assurance. Also it should be designed suitable for vessel environment. For example, Protection grade of the motor and electric cabinet used for the WP type machine is IP55.


Benefits from a vessel garbage compactor

This marine compactor range can offer great reductions in waste disposal costs by reducing the volume of waste generated on board during a vessel’s passage.



Even for buying a clothing or a snack, a lot of things are considered. Likewise, when buying a vessel garbage compactor, even more consideration and specifications should be noted. Not all the compactors that say best are best and not all the cheap compactors are worst. There are also other things to be considered before buying the cost, brand, power and so on. But the major point should be the machine efficiency and quality. An environmentally conscientious supplier is a preferred supplier. Suppliers of products and services are encouraged to make themselves fully aware of the company’s environmental policy. Take time before buying as these machines are a lifetime investment.


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