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Waste Baler Machine

Waste baler is also popular as waste baling machine, waste baling press or waste compactor. It is a size reduction machine for many waste materials like scrap cardboard and paper, plastic bottles, plastic films, used clothes, rags, used metal drums and other scrap metals etc. This machine is widely used in waste recycling for baling or compacting large amount of waste materials purpose. It saves a lot in transportation cost and storage space.


When or why you need a waste baler?

When you have many loose materials, waste baler has the job here. Plastic and cardboard waste are the most common waste materials in packaging world. So they are the first ones who needs waste balers. We can list some benefits of waste baler machine as below:

  1. – Waste baler compacts loose waste materials into dense bales. You can use plastic strapping or steel strapping for these bales. If it is a briquetting baler, the materials can be compacted in a hard block directly without any packaging further. So you can image how easy it will be to move these tight bales from your place or another place. It really saves much cost in transportation.
  2. – How much do you need to pay if you ask someone to remove the loose waste materials? Dense bales are another story. Some materials bales like scrap cardboard bales can be sold directly with a good price. So waste baler can make your cost to your revenue in this case.
  3. – For some flammable materials like paper, it is very easy to catch fire especially it is in a loose status. The tight bales can reduces any possible fire hazard.
  4. – Bale size and bale weight can be tailored. Rectangular bales are very easy for transportation. You can calculate the best bale size and bale weight for a container and saves freight cost as much as possible.
  5. – Waste baler helps waste recycling more efficient and cost effective.


Waste baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has a complete range of waste balers for sale. You can choose our standard waste baler models for your baling purpose. Or you can ask to tailor your baling requirement to a specific baling machine from us. In a word, you just need to call or email us what you want and our professional engineering team will get it for you.


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