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Waste balers – a boon for waste management industry

In last century, the production of many non-biodegradable products has picked up. The consumption of such products has also picked up at a very fast pace. Now the environment faces another sort of problems. The production of non-biodegradable wastes from production houses and consumer households has skyrocketed many times over. The problem of waste management was compounded by the fact that the transportation to recycling plants is a costly affair owing to the rising fuel prices and volume of wastes. With many local environmental protection acts in place has ensured that the non-biodegradable wastes are not burnt in open. Therefore, the concept of making compact bales of wastes came to the fore. Waste balers are the right compacting solution.

The Process

The waste, comprising of recyclable materials such as paper, cardboards, and plastics, is put into a compacting machine, called waste balers. The machine applies heavy force, usually specified in some Kilo Newtons, for some seconds and everything yields to this massive force and compacts to form a bale, which is generally cubical in shape.

The Waste Baler

The waste balers are machines, which generally consist of containers in which the wastes are first collected. The wastes are compacted by the pushing of a heavy piston. The piston is driven by hydraulic or pneumatic mechanisms. They are generally of two types:

  1. Horizontal Balers: The wastes are generally loaded from the top of the compacting chamber through a conveyor. The piston moves sideways to create a compact bale. They are generally automatic and require less human intervention.
  2. Vertical Balers: The compacting chamber is fed sideways and the piston moves vertically downwards to create the bale. They are generally available in manually controlled models.

The horizontal balers that are available in the market can handle a larger quantity of input as compared to vertical balers.

Advantage of Waste Balers

The advantage of waste balers can be delineated as follows:

  1. These are heavy duty and low emission equipment.
  2. A truckload of recyclable wastes can be compacted into a few bales. This reduces the volume of wastes considerably.
  3. The bales are very compact and can be transported easily to recycling units.
  4. The lightweight wastes will not fly away with the wind while being transported. Hence the bales can be transported safely.
  5. The compaction is done by applying force alone. There is no need for any glue or any other binding chemical.
  6. The bales are so compact that they can be reused for landscaping purposes as well and they pose no risk for animals.
  7. Tougher and bulky wastes can also be handled with ease.
  8. As almost all the waste balers that are available in the market are of the mobile type, they can prove useful for big colonies, scrap dealers, manufacturers, small industries, supermarkets and retail stores.
  9. Some variants can create bales of organic wastes as well. Creating bales of organic wastes reduces the odor emanating from them. These organic waste bales are very useful for composting purposes of bigger areas like the forest or while reclaiming lands.


Purchasing waste balers and getting massive advantage of waste balers

Purchasing waste balers is easy and they can be bought online. However, they require periodic maintenance due to the wear and tear of moving parts.

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