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Waste Can Baler Machine

Why you need a waste can baler?

Waste cans can be made of aluminum or steel. These cans are hollow and occupy much space. Investing into a waste can baler will significantly save your space and you can benefit from cost saving in handling and transportation.

Waste can baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has four type of excellent balers for baling waste cans. You can choose long stroke baler and heavy duty dual-ram baler in vertical type baler series. Also you can choose manual-tie horizontal baler and L-type two ram automatic baler in horizontal type baler series. Please be noted that L-type two ram automatic baler is the most costly type of waste can baler in SINOBALER baler product range. Price ranges from US$120,000 to US$160,000 for different models of this series machine. If you don’t have large amount of cans to process, actually a vertical baler or a manual-tie horizontal baler is sufficient, which is very much less costly than the two-ram fully automatic baler.

How to choose the ideal waste can baler?

Some basic questions should be answered before selecting a right baler for waste cans.

Q1: What material are the cans made of, aluminum? Steel? Better if you can send some photos of the cans.

Q2: What is the approx. amount (tons) of cans that your customer expects to bale with the machine daily or weekly?

Q3: Do you have any ideas about bale weight?

When these answers are ready, SINOBALER will quote you the most suitable waste can baler within one working day. Take aluminum can for example, if your bale weight is 1200 lbs per bale, we will propose manual-tie horizontal baler model SHB1-800 with customized bale size 1100*1100*1300 mm or L-type two ram automatic baler model SHBA2-600L with customized bale size 1100*1100*1200 mm. Then you can make your final decision based on your estimated capacity and financial budget.

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