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Waste Compactor and Waste Baler Difference

People who are involved in recycling industry and waste management business may confuse the waste compactor and waste baler difference. Sometimes they regard waste compactor and waste baler as same one because both of them have the compressing process to reduce the volume of materials and save transportation cost. But what is the difference between waste compactor and waste baler?

A very simple and direct solution to know whether you need a waste compactor or a waste baler, is to see whether the material is recyclable.

Generally speaking, people use a waste baler to compress and bale recyclable materials into dense and consistently shaped bales for easy storage and transportation. Cardboard, paper, plastics, plant fiber, animal fiber, hay and straw, drums, used clothes, rags, tires, wood shavings, sawdust, rice husk, foam, leaves, coffee husk, disposable tableware, medical waste and urban waste are all recyclable. These baled recyclable materials can be deliver to a recycling facility for resale and reuse purpose. For some industry like alfalfa, the recycling market already develops the standard for bale size and bale weight. Such kind of waste materials recycling bring much benefit to both economy and environment.

For waste compactor, people just use it to reduce large volume of waste materials through a compressing process. The compressed waste materials can save much cost in transportation and take up less space for landfill.

Due to the same compressing function in waste compactor and waste baler, waste baler sometimes can handle urban waste and compress them into a much less volume. In this case, waste compactor and waste baler is very similar.

Now you should understand waste compactor and waste baler better. You can determine what kind of compressing machine you need for your own business needs. For any waste baler questions, please contact us at for direct service.

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