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Waste Newsprint Baler Machine

What is waste newsprint baler?
Waste newsprint baler is a kind of machine for pressing loose waste, can it save a lot of space of storing and transprot. As waste newsprint bales are more convenient and less costly for transportation, it plays an important roll in newspaper recycling field.

Why do we need to recycle waste newsprint?
Obviously, waste newsprint is made of paper. The reason why we need to recycle waste newsprint is almost the same as the reason of why we need to recycle waste paper. Here are some benefits of recycling waste newsprint:

  1. Waste will become less in our cities
    If we do not handle the waste newsprint appropriately, it does no good to the appearance of our cities. Using a baling press to compact into bales not only makes our cities tidier but also genreates considerable benefit to the recyclers.
  2. Cut less trees through recycling and thus protect ecological environment
    As we all know, trees are the main raw material of newsprint. If we recycle newsprint and reuse them by converting them into new books, magazines, etc., we can greatly reduce the demand for the raw material. As a result, we can better protect the tree and our ecological environment.

SINOBALER has many series of balers that are very suitable for baling waste newsprint. And capacity varies from hundreds kilos to tons per hour. In addition, Sinobaler machine adopts high quality material and top-brand components. Due to the perfect performance, Sinobaler waste newsprint baler can greatly help with your paper recycling. To know more details, you can view: