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Waste Paper Baler Machine

Why we need waste paper baler?

Waste paper baler is a paper compactor machine which is used to compress and bale the waste paper like office waste paper, paper scraps, as well as old newspaper into a cube. Use the waste paper baler machine to make the waste paper which in loose condition to a tight bale. It is a very important step of the waste paper recycling. So Waste paper makes the recycling process more efficient.


How to recycle waste paper?

Step 1: Collect the waste paper. Normally we can collect the waste paper materials from trash bins, offices, book stores, and schools etc. Then we can delivery them to professional recycling center.

Step 2: Sort and bale the waste paper. At this step, we also need the waste paper baler to help us finish the bale process. After the recycling facility accepts the waste paper from various sources, they will sort the paper based on the quality and material, structure and surface treatment. After sorting, we use the waste paper baler to bale the sorted paper, make it more convenient for storage and transportation. Then the recycling center will ship the paper bale to paper making factory.

Step 3: Wash the waste paper. After the sorted waste paper arrive paper making factory, we will wash it with soapy water to remove inks, plastic film, staples and glue. And then put them into a large holder where it is mixed with water to create paper slurry.

Step 4: Make new paper. After waste paper becoming paper slurry, we add different materials into the slurry to make it become new papers like office paper, newsprint, etc. When the new papers are dry, they are ready to go to the market for sale or use again.


The advantage of waste paper baler

Waste paper baler plays a very important role in paper recycling. Let us deliver the waste paper as much as possible for recycling. It greatly improves the efficiency of recycle process. On the other hand, it also helps us to protect the environment from polluting by waste papers and save resources. The papers are all made from trees and on the other side. The waste paper baler also help us on protecting forest resources on the earth.


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