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Paper Types and Paper Recycling

What is the paper type?

There are many types of paper in waste recycling industry. According to its different functions, it can be classified as for example printing paper, writing paper, drawing paper, electrical insulating board, cigarette paper, industrial and technical paper, packaging paper, etc. Also we can often see many professional abbreviation for certain papers. Each of these abbreviations represents particular meanings. Here are some common abbreviations we will see and use in waste paper recycling industry.

OCC: Old Corrugated Cartons
ONP: Old newspaper
OINP: Over-issued newspaper
DLK: Double Lined Kraft
SWL: Sorted White Ledgers
HWS: Hard White Shavings
WBN: White Blank News
NCC: New Corrugated Cuttings

Apart from this, in the aspect of waste paper export in Europe and America, there are also many numbers representing certain type of waste paper material. For example, #8, #6 for ONP, #10 for magazine, #11 for OCC, #13 for DLK, #9 for OINP, #40 for SWL, #30 for HWS, #24 for WBN, #43 for coated book stock, #27 for flyleaf shaving, #37 for sorted office paper.

Waste paper baling machine and paper shredder in paper recycling

When recycling all these kinds of papers and magazines, baling them into dense bales is a very essential procedure to save transportation and storage cost. Either vertical waste paper baling machine or horizontal waste paper baling machine can be used for baling paper, while shredding newspaper and magazines is highly suggested before baling as these materials in most cases are in piles, with very high original density. Shredding before baling will help these material be pushed through the chamber and the bales will be easier to be tied and handled. As for Auto-tie Horizontal Baler baling newspaper and magazines, it is suggested to equip with a “Fluffer” inside the hopper to shred the material into loose shape. Using a separate shredder to shred the material first and then convey the material into baler for baling is also a good option.


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