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Waste Paper Baling Machine Price

Waste paper is a good raw material source of new paper production. So here the question is how to collect waste paper to paper mills in a cost effective and efficient way? Waste paper baling machine is a good help. Different structure and output waste paper baling machine price is different. So you should choose the most cost effective machine to suit your baling needs.


Waste paper baling machine price determination

Waste paper baling machine is one of the most popular baler machine in the worldwide. Which factors cost your machine and how to choose the best suitable baler machine? This is the question we want to help to answer you.

Steel frame raw materials, hydraulic parts and electrical parts are the main cost factors of the waste paper baling machine. Steel price depends on the market price level and it fluctuates in different time. Different brand hydraulic parts and electrical parts have different prices. Of course labor cost is also very important cost factor in whole baler manufacturing process.

Baler manufacturing cost is different in different region. Of course, you should also consider the delivery cost which includes freight, taxes and fees. So you should compare the baler price from different countries or regions under same trade term for example DDU. Sometimes for a single small vertical baler, the freight and fees may be higher than the baler price itself.

Choosing a right size waste paper baling machine also helps you to save cost. If your baling output is not much, the small vertical baler is the right choice. Because this kind of waste paper baling machine price is much cheaper than that of large horizontal waste paper baling machine. Also the maintenance cost is lower. If you have a large amount of scrap paper needed to bale, fully automatic horizontal baler may be your right choice. Because it is in high output and also helps to save labor cost. The efficient work can help you earn more economical benefits.


Waste paper baling machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has many kind of waste paper baling machines for sale. From mini baler to fully automatic horizontal baler, you can always find a right model to suit your baling needs. Contact us now!


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